Strategic B-BBEE Compliance & Training Specialists

Strategic B-BBEE Compliance & Training Specialists

Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) Deadline

This is a reminder that the deadline for submissions of Workplace Skills Plans (WSP), Pivotal Plans and Annual Training Reports (ATRs) to the SETA of your relevant industry is 30 April 2022.

Insignis Solution is at your service, for assistance with submissions and reporting, please email admin@insignis-solution.com

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After 25 years of effort and an average of R45 billion being spent annually by JSE listed organisations on the transformation agenda, the triple challenges of high level of poverty, inequality and unemployment, remains a reality for most of the citizens in our great country.

As Insignis we partner with organisations to find ways to optimise effort and spend by introducing an integrated, single platform solution that aims to achieve a different outcome per organization within an industry and the country. These outcomes must lead to different long- term realities for all stakeholder. We believe that in order to achieve these outcomes we need to invest in work that will RE-ENGINEEERING OUR FUTURE SUSTAINABILITY.

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What is the BBBEE Act?

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is a form of economic empowerment initiated by the South African government with the goal to distribute wealth across as broad a spectrum of previously disadvantaged South African society as possible.

What is BBBEE Certificate?

A BBBEE-rating certificate is a document that indicates a company’s level of BEE compliance. A level one contributor is the highest achievable status and the lowest level of BEE compliance is level eight. The higher the BEE status level, the stronger a company is in relation to its competition. A BBBEE certificate can give you an edge over competitors and open up a lot of doors for business growth – and it might be easier to acquire than you think.

How do I get a BBBEE Certificate?

BBBEE certificates can be issued by verification agencies that are approved by the South African National Accreditation System or Independent Regulatory Body. Insignis assist our clients with a full suite of BBBEE compliance and implementation services to help you obtain a BBBEE certificate.

How does BBBEE benefit the South African economy?

By complying with B-BBBEE, organisations promote economic transformation in South Africa which in turn will promote economic growth within the country due to the increase in the extent to which communities own and manage enterprises. BBBEE legislation strives to add to the value to our society through its commitment to skills development together with the contribution to social development and transformation.

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Our Story

Insignis is an industry platform that combines over 25 years of experience in transformation, strategy implementation and people management. We provide a single platform for sustainable authentic transformation toward a re-engineered sustainable future. All our work aims to contribute towards the collective goals captured within the National Development Plan (NDP). As a partner, Insignis will assist you to understand transformation as a business imperative that pivots into industry growth and contribute to the NDP. We encourage our stakeholders and beneficiaries to be active in their developmental journey, seeking ways to connect spend to future sustainability.

Our activity aims to raise the economic growth, promote exports and transform industry to be more labour absorbing. In this we take an asset-based approach that focus on key capabilities of both people, business and the country.

As Insignis we believe the only way to achieve this objective is through collaboration for success, in an integrated industry platform that connect centres of excellent towards national impact.


Tax Benefits

A tax deduction for the corporate bee spender using a single payment gate.

Increase your B-BBEE Level

Scoring bonus points from our solution up to 2 levels increased recognition

Improve Transformation

Striking a balance between improving transformation and ensuring the industry’s viability

Return on Investment

Strategic industry investment resulting in ROI for your business.

Industry Investment

Creating industry future state and future-proofing your business

Improve Transformation

Achieving NDP (National Development Plan) and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

It’s all in the details

Our Approach

Our approach is to optimize the interconnectedness of transformation. Our work connects the NDP and sustainable goals objective with corporate transformation activity. We therefore offer businesses a pro-active approach to transformation and alignment with centres of excellence at execution phase. With services such as gap analysis, strategy development, project execution, skills development and monitoring and evaluation, we hold the view that all of this should be explored and optimised as part of the organisations’ strategy to achieve the broader organizational and local social-economic strategic objectives. As a collective our approach is measured in how we assist business to fully understand and implement solutions to re-engineer the future sustainably.

As Insignis we meet an organisation at any stage of their transformation journey, whether that is at the strategy development phase, element specific initiative phase (such as Skills development, Supplier and Enterprise Development) or in general consultation.

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